Tile Roofs in Brookfield, WI Resist Storm Damage


Tile roofing systems are popular in the Hollywood area, and that popularity is justly earned. Tile roofs not only look good, they hold up better under the weather extremes routinely seen in the region. Area roofing professionals like Waukesha Roofing & Sheet Metal Inc. work with clients to determine which type of roofing system is best for their unique needs, but tile roofing is the go-to system for homeowners who look for long-term value in a roofing product.

Homeowners building new homes or replacing existing roofing systems often have questions about the advantages and disadvantages of various roofing systems, including the different types of tile roofing products now available. Of course a big consideration when building a home or replacing a roof is cost. Tile roofing systems are, quite simply, more expensive to install initially than shingled roofs. However, shingles are more likely to be damaged during wind events or hail storms. Repeatedly repairing shingle roofs quickly negates the initial cost advantages shingle type roofing offers. In addition, shingle roofing systems need complete replacement frequently. Tile roofing products last for years, often longer than the house itself.

Of course even tiles can be damaged, but only tiles actually damaged must be replaced, not the entire roof. Most tile roofs will survive hail storms experienced here with little or no damage, while neighboring shingle roofs require replacing. It typically takes very large hail to damage any of the commonly used roof tile products.

Homeowners who do not care for the traditional Spanish or Mediterranean tile styles still have options. Today’s tile roofing in Brookfield,WI is available in a variety of styles and colors to enhance virtually any home style. Area roofing experts will review the options with clients seeking to install a high quality roofing system that lasts for years.

Even tile roofing systems need maintenance. Flashings routinely need attention to keep them functioning properly. Any areas around openings in the roof, like skylights and vents, need to maintained. Gutters still need to be repaired when needed to direct runoff away from the home’s foundation. However, the maintenance costs are minimal when compared to replacing a roofing system.

Any homeowner seeking to reduce the risk of storm damage or the ravages of Brookfield, summer sun should consider tile roofing products as an alternative to shingled roofing systems.