Three Tips on Safety While Using Walkers in Ledyard CT


A walker is an important mobility aide for someone who has a difficult time ambulating independently. These devices are handy items that are often used around the home, office or health care facilities. Some individuals will only need one for a short period of time. Others may become dependent on the walker and require use throughout their lives. Like other devices it is important that they are used properly. Improper use can lead to injury. Here are three safety tips to help with usage of Walkers in Ledyard CT.

Sometimes throw rugs or carpet that is not secure to the floor can cause problems in navigating well. Throw rugs are often the culprit that can become an obstacle to you and your walker. This does not mean you cannot have throw rugs in your home. The best option if you must have them is to make sure it’s secured to the floor with a special type of tape that can be purchased from your local hardware store.

There are some individuals who use Walkers in Ledyard CT that may need additional assistance. If they will be walking on uneven terrain it is best to have someone stick right by their side. This includes any areas that may have a step up or down. It is not uncommon for walker accidents to happen outdoors on uneven ground or indoors where there are steps. Bathrooms are another area that may be difficult to navigate with a walker. Proper assistance may be needed in order to prevent any falls or injuries.

Another safety tip is to make sure the walker height is properly adjusted. It is also recommended that the walker be checked for stability on a routine basis. If the walker is too high for comfort it could be a safety hazard. It is also best not to have the walker set to low. This puts a strain on the users back by having to bend forward in order to ambulate. The leg height on walkers can be adjusted to a comfortable height for the user. More information and walker safety tips can be obtained from fort hill pharmacy inc.