Three Things About the Ford Taurus That You’ll Love in Oak Lawn


The Ford Taurus might be your dream car if you’re considering investing in pre-owned Ford cars in Oak Lawn. The Taurus is almost flying off the inventory lots every day, and here’s why.

It’s a Definite Head-Turner

The design of the Ford Taurus model is absolutely stunning. It has the perfect mix of sportiness and class that turns heads every time someone drives around the neighborhood in one. The color options for the exterior are appealing, as well. If you choose one, you’ll have options such as Ruby Red Metallic Clear Tint coat and Agate Black and Oxford White.

It Has a Powerful Motor

Another plus about the Taurus is that it has a powerful motor. Even the base model has an engine that rivals some of the sports cars on the market today. Just by investing in the base model, you’ll get 288 horsepower from its 3.5-Liter V6. All you have to do is invest in one of the other models if you want to get the feel of a true pony car.

It’s Still Good on Gas

Even though the Taurus has a powerful motor, it will still provide you with an excellent fuel-efficiency number. You can get up to 26 miles per gallon on the highway from it, which isn’t a bad number at all. It’s worth having a conversation with the dealership salesperson about pre-owned Ford cars in Oak Lawn today.

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