Three Signs Your Home’s Sewer Line is Blocked and Needs Repaired


The sewer line is something rarely given much thought until it’s not working correctly. As sewer lines age, problems can arise from a failure of the pipes, tree root intrusion or blockages from organic and inorganic materials. The problem can be fixed faster when contacting professionals as soon as you notice the start of drainage issues.

Slow Draining with All Drains

Sinks with drains that empty the water slower and slower are beginning to show signs of blockage. If it happens in the bathroom and not the kitchen, the blockage is more likely localized to that plumbing area. A bad sign of total sewer line blockage is when all the drains are slowing at the same time. A complete blockage will require getting trustworthy sewer repair in Atlanta, Georgia, to find and fix the problem quickly.

No Water Drains

If all of your drains have stopped allowing water through, it’s more than likely a deep blockage that requires professional repairs. Not having the ability to use any of your drains will bring the household to a complete stop. If constant plunging over some time offers no movement, it could be a blockage from tree roots or a collapsed pipe.

Water and Sewage Backup Into Your Home

A backup of raw sewage into your home is an event you’ll never forget and an incident you’ll never want to happen again. The cleanup process can be expensive and time-consuming. Have your drainage system checked right away if you are experiencing a serious problem in flushing toilets, using showers, or emptying sinks. Involve the specialists offering quality sewer repair in Atlanta, Georgia, and the entire surrounding area before your home sustains major damage.

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