Three Signs You Need a Divorce Attorney in Chattanooga, TN

Divorce Attorney

Going through a divorce is a difficult process for all parties involved, and whether it is basic or contested usually determines if you need a divorce lawyer. With a basic divorce, there are no property or children involved and no need to determine who receives each asset. However, not all divorces are simple and many have complexities in regards to who now owns the house or who has custody of the children.

You Have Children Together

If you have a child or multiple children and are going through a divorce, you may need a divorce attorney in Chattanooga, TN to help you fight for your rights as a parent. Your priority is to take care of and protect your children, but it can be difficult to negotiate parental arrangements without the expertise of a divorce attorney. Many parents who decide to get a divorce do not realize the complexity of determining time-sharing schedules or who will make major decisions about school, religion, and much more. A lawyer will help you navigate all major points regarding your children through your divorce.

You Share Major Assets

In addition, if you owned a house together or have additional major assets, it is important to fairly distribute any property you both have a shared interest in. Anything in the marriage that held major value is partly yours, and a divorce lawyer will help you fight for what is yours. In court, your lawyer will have the experience and knowledge to help you fight and ultimately receive what you are owed.

You Can’t Agree with Your Spouse

Although the circumstances of divorce are challenging and often unpleasant, a divorce attorney will help you navigate through those circumstances and fight for the best outcome possible. When you and your spouse can’t agree on anything about the divorce, consider contacting an excellent law firm, such as Teeter Law Office, that will work tirelessly on your behalf to resolve the divorce quickly and fairly.