Three Important Reasons to Consider Drug-Free Treatments for Your ED


A significant percentage of men experience erectile dysfunction during their lives. While an occasional event is nothing to worry about, ongoing issues should be treated. Along with identifying any underlying issues and treating the physical causes, you want to treat the ED itself. To treat your erectile dysfunction, you can find a drug free ED treatment in Orange County, CA. Here are some reasons why men often prefer to seek treatments that don’t involve drugs.

You’ve already tried oral medications, and they don’t work. Don’t feel alone. None of the medications on the market today work for every man. If you managed to take them without any unpleasant side effects, count yourself lucky. Many men who do see some improvement pay for it with headaches, stomach upsets and vision that’s temporarily affected. Since they don’t work for you, it’s time to find a better solution.

Men who find little to no benefits from oral medication sometimes turn to injections. While they can work, there are some risks involved. That includes the buildup of scar tissue along the shaft of the penis. You may also not obtain an erection as firm as you hoped. The fact that you’re not crazy about needles is another reason to sidestep this approach and keep looking for the right drug-free ED treatment in Orange County, CA.

Sex is not something you’re ready to give up just yet. Even knowing there are other ways to please your partner, the ability to gain and maintain an erection is something that matters deeply and should be part of the intimacy. There’s a good chance that the right drug-free ED treatment in Orange County, CA, will mean this part of your life can continue for a number of years.

Do you have erectile dysfunction? Would you like to explore options that don’t involve taking drugs? Call the team at LaSara Medical Group today and set an appointment. You can also visit and learn more about the drug-free treatment options we offer. With the right approach, you could feel like a new man in no time.