Three Frequently Asked Questions About Wooden Crating in San Antonio

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Wooden crates have been used to store products and transport them from one place to another for years. They are highly preferred by most domestic and international shipping companies because they are lightweight and easy to construct. Wooden crates are different from wooden boxes in that their sheathing can be removed to expose the lumber framework. Crates are constructed around the product to be transported to ensure they meet the desired needs.

To ensure that wooden crates are constructed correctly, it is imperative to hire professional services of Crating in San Antonio. Professional crating technicians have a profound knowledge of the different types of wooden crates. They can help you choose the type of wooden crates that match well with your needs. These professionals have the required training, skills, technology, tools and equipment to ensure that all your crates are constructed correctly and in a timely manner. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about wooden crates.

What are the different types of wooden crates?

Wooden crates can be classified into different categories according to the construction and appearance. Some common types of wooden crates include:

  • Slat crates
  • One way crates
  • Two-way crates
  • Travel or exhibition crates
  • Exploding crates

What are some factors to consider when choosing wooden crates?

Before choosing wooden crates, first consider the nature of the goods to be transported. This may entail considering factors such as perishability, bulkiness, and the delicateness of the products. Second, consider the weather conditions the goods will be exposed during shipments. Some wooden containers can provide proper protection against the extreme weather than others. Third, ensure you choose wooden crates that are easy to handle and provide enough security to the goods during shipment.

What are some benefits of choosing wooden crates over plastic and metal crates?

Wooden crates are eco-friendly in that they can be reused repeatedly. They are faster and easier to make and can be opened easily when goods reach their destination. Wooden crates are lightweight and easy to load and unload.

These are just some of the important details to know before hiring professional services of Crating in San Antonio. Remember to consider factors such as experience, education, tools and equipment, licenses, insurance and previous records before choosing your crating technician.

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