Three Common Reasons to Get in Touch with a Car Accident Attorney in Crowley, LA


Contacting a car accident attorney in Crowley, LA can easily turn out to be one of the best moves a victim could make. After suffering a significant injury in any type of accident, getting in touch with a lawyer like Chris Richard Attorney at Law will improve the odds of a successful resolution. There are several different basic types of car accidents that leave people in the area injured each year, and lawyers can help those who suffer the consequences of any of them.

The Law Provides Protection and Options for Many Car Accident Victims

Some drivers end up causing problems for themselves and their passengers by getting into accidents where no other vehicles are involved. Even though such crashes can be destructive and injurious, they will not often leave the victims with much in the way of legal recourse.

Collisions involving two or more vehicles, though, can quite often be blamed on a particular driver. When one driver’s negligence leads to injuries for others, that person will bear a legal responsibility to provide compensation.

Three Different General Kinds of Car Accidents

This is true almost regardless of the type of accident in question. Vehicles like cars and trucks can collide in a variety of different ways, each of which tends to encourage particular types of injuries. The three general types of vehicular collisions are:

  • Rear impact

Vehicles correctly waiting at stop lights quite often get struck from behind by cars piloted by inattentive drivers. Such collisions regularly cause injuries like whiplash. Rear-end collisions tend to be fairly simple to assign fault for, as the following driver will normally be assumed responsible.

  • Side impact

When a car runs through a red light and into an active intersection, a side collision can easily result. That can subject the occupants of a vehicle to particularly intense dangers, with little more than a door often standing between them and the impacting car.

  • Head-on

Some of the most dangerous collisions of all include two vehicles that strike each other head-on. Despite the symmetry, it will often be possible to assign blame solely to one of the involved drivers.

Working with a car accident attorney in Crowley, LA will almost always be valuable when a significant injury has been sustained in any of these types of collisions. Accident victims who seek out the services of local lawyers inevitably end up better off as a result. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.