Three Budget-Friendly Ways to Furnish Your Off-Campus Apartment in Ames

by | Nov 30, 2023 | Student Housing Center

When you rent student apartments near Iowa State University, you’ll need more than the futon and plastic crates you used in your dorm. You’ll want to start collecting furniture that will make your lifestyle feel more comfortable and relaxing. Even though you might have to furnish your home on a tight budget, there are plenty of cost-effective furnishing resources you can use.

Visit Secondhand Stores

If you don’t have a sofa, loveseat, or comfortable recliners, your living room might feel a little cold. You can create a more welcoming atmosphere without financing thousands of dollars when you visit used furniture stores. You can find very inexpensive sofas and loveseats that will look great in your apartment. Even if they seem a little dusty, restore the beauty of your new furniture with some upholstery cleaner and a little elbow grease.

Look for Abandoned Furniture

It’s not uncommon for people to discard old cabinets, tables, and bed frames. Often, people will put these items on their front curb in the hopes that someone will come along and take them. This saves those individuals a trip to the city dump. Even weather-worn or damaged items can be reclaimed. Make these items your own with some sanding and a fresh coat of paint or stain.

Watch for Sales and Discounts

Student apartments near Iowa State University are usually available before the semester starts. If you get into your apartment early, you might catch some back-to-school sales at local furniture stores. You can also take advantage of Black Friday sales if you’re returning to school after the winter break. Discover efficient and comfortable living when you visit BlockONE online at

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