Three Basic Options for Crematory Services

by | Jan 23, 2024 | Funeral Services

For those who do not want a traditional funeral, there are options including cremation. This process allows you to plan a simple but effective means of treating your earthly body. In Asheville NC, crematory services allow choices in the care of the physical remains.

Three Basic Options

When it comes to crematory services in Asheville NC, people have three basic options. Choosing one over the other will dictate the actions of the funeral home.

  1. Direct Cremation: Often called “simple cremation,” this option includes only the cremation. It is a no-frills option. The most basic of all cremation services, it is also the least expensive.
  1. Direct cremation with a Basic Container: This is the same as direct cremation with a single exception. The family is supplied with a basic container to hold the ashes.
  1. Cremation and Memorial or Celebration of Life Services: This is the most elaborate of the three cremation options. Following or even before the cremation, a gathering of invested individuals is held. The size of this memorial or celebration can vary. The location may also differ based on the wishes of the deceased and/or the bereaved.

This is the most expensive option. It usually involves choosing a venue. There is also the type of urn selected.

Plan Your Cremation Service in Advance

If you want to be part of the decision process, plan ahead. Your relatives in Asheville NC may still choose crematory services. However, you may not get the specific type of send-off you really wanted.

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