Things to Consider When Purchasing Home Insurance in Florida


Property insurance is a term that is used for several different properties that provide liability coverage or property protection for property owners. St. Augustine property insurance will provide the owner or the renter of the structure with financial reimbursement if the structure is damaged if there is a theft or if someone other than the property’s owner or renter is injured on the premises.

St. Augustine property insurance can refer to homeowners’ insurance, flood insurance, renters’ insurance, and earthquake insurance. In addition to the structure, personal property is usually included in a renters’ policy or a homeowners’ policy. The exception is a property that is exceptionally expensive. To cover this property, an additional policy known as a “rider” would be added to the property insurance policy.

When you look at your St. Augustine property insurance policy, you will see a list of perils that the insurance covers. These usually include damages caused by smoke and fire and certain types of inclement weather. Property insurance will usually protect against theft and vandalism, be it against the structure or the property in the structure. Additionally, property insurance provides a level of coverage if someone who is not the property owner is injured while on the property and then decides to take legal action.

Not all weather events are covered by property insurance policies in Florida. For example, tsunamis, floods, and standing water are typically not covered. Additionally, most policies will not cover extreme circumstances, like a nuclear explosion or acts of war.