Things to Consider When Choosing Storage Facilities in Connecticut

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Having too many belongings or temporarily needing a place to store belongings during a move isn’t an uncommon experience. That’s why storage facilities exist. Choosing the right Storage Facilities in Connecticut is important, however, to ensure the safety of your belongings. Taking a few considerations into account will make it easier to choose just the right facility.

What Is Being Stored

Different types of belongings require different storage conditions. For example, a facility that’s too humid could cause mold to grow, while one that is too dry could make it so wooden items split or crack. Very valuable items require a facility with extra security. Anything that needs to be stored within a specific temperature or humidity range should be stored in a unit that is climate controlled.

Amount of Space Necessary

The size of the unit affects the price, so you don’t want to get a very large unit unless it’s absolutely necessary. Consider stacking all of the items to go into storage together ahead of time so you can get a better idea of just how large the unit should be. Be sure to check how the units under consideration are designed, as some units may be wider but have lower ceilings and others may be narrower but have higher ceilings. This can affect what belongings can be stored in the unit.

Security and Insurance

It goes without saying that you’ll want to opt for one of the Storage Facilities in Connecticut that has insurance to cover the loss of the items should anything happen to them. In some cases, homeowner’s insurance may also cover items stored in such a facility. All facilities have at least some security, such as locked gates and locks on each storage unit. Some facilities may have security guards, video surveillance, or other types of security features as well as these more basic security measures. Just keep in mind that facilities with these extra features are likely to be more expensive.

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