Things That You Can Expect From an Open MRI Machine and Scan


When your doctor needs to see detailed areas of your body, you might be asked to have an MRI performed. This is a diagnostic scan that involves magnets and a large machine. However, an open design is an option to consider if you’re claustrophobic or have other health issues that could prevent you from using a traditional machine.

There is usually no pain associated with an MRI. When open MRI equipment is used, you won’t be in a narrow space, which can help with any anxiety that you might experience. Keep in mind that you’ll likely be asked to remain still during the scan, which could cause discomfort in the area of the body that is scanned if you were in pain beforehand.

Most scans take about 45 minutes to an hour to complete depending on how many images are taken. The length of time also depends on the details that your doctor wants to see and how many areas are scanned.

Odd Sounds
While the scan is performed, you might hear a knocking or tapping sound. This is completely normal and is usually the coils inside the machine turning on and off. If the noise is bothersome, then you can talk to the technician to see if you can wear earplugs during the scan.

A benefit of open MRI equipment is that someone can usually be in the room with you at the time of the scan. Children can have a parent in the room or on the table who can provide comfort. This is a benefit of an open design as you’ll have someone to talk to while the scan is completed.

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