Things To Know Before Buying Engagement Rings in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Jewelry Shopping

Are you thinking about getting married? Are you under pressure to find just the right ring with which to get engaged? Harry C. Glinberg Jewelers of Wisconsin sells Engagement Rings in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. As one of the largest specialty merchants of fine diamond jewelry in the U.S., they want to help you avoid common mistakes that people make in buying diamond jewelry.

1. Ensure that the business from which you are buying the diamond has longevity in the business. This is a good sign, as it is hard to stay in the jewelry business for a length of time unless you are really making money.

2. Find out if your jeweler of choice is registered with the Better Business Bureau. Affiliation with the Better Business Bureau usually means a reputation to be counted upon.

3. As with any organization worth its weight, ask the jeweler for references. If you can’t get any references, you might want to spend your money elsewhere.

4. Find out if the jeweler you are planning to purchase from has diamond inventory on hand, or does the business have to go elsewhere to get the merchandise. An extra step in buying your diamond is an extra dip in your pocketbook.

5. Secure the information on the jeweler’s buy back policy should the need ever arise. You need to know about the cost of repairs, upgrades and cleanings offered at the store from which you are purchasing.

6. Pay attention to whether or not the jeweler is actually listening to what your needs and wants are, or is he or she simply interested in making a sale. This can be the difference in obtaining a quality purchase and buying something “nice” that the jeweler thinks you will like.

Harry C. Glinberg Jewelers has a long history for the making affordable fine diamond jewelry and has always focused on ensuring the customer gets superior value from a vast range of conventional jewelry. They sell engagement rings, pendants, crosses, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watch bezels, chains and a host of other fine jewelry. For an Engagement Rings in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and the surrounding areas, you can contact Harry C. Glinberg Jewelers at their location and find them by visiting their website,