Things to Expect from an Emergency Dentist in Haddon Township


Dental emergencies encompass problems like mouth pain, broken teeth, abscess, infection, and other dental issues that require immediate attention. Some things cannot wait to be addressed when it comes to good dental care. An Emergency Dentist in Haddon Township has a separate certification for handling dental emergencies beyond general dentistry. The following will describe things you can expect from emergency dental care treatments.

Pain Relief

Th first thing an emergency dentist does when you have dental pain is to relieve that pain. A broken, chipped, or knocked out tooth can result in a good deal of pain. Other painful emergencies include abscessed, infected, or impacted teeth. An impacted tooth from wisdom tooth problems is common among adults mostly since dentists often recommend children have their wisdom teeth extracted before any issues come from them.

Stop Bleeding

Mouth bleeding has to be stopped before an Emergency Dentist in Haddon Township can perform any oral treatments. Most of the time, dentists stop the pain and then deal with the bleeding. However, if the bleeding appears to be excessive, they are likely to address that before you are totally pain free. Bleeding can be caused by a knocked out tooth, trauma to the mouth or jaw, or from a serious infection in the mouth.


Each emergency treatment will differ according to the circumstances surrounding the dental issue. Infection and abscess is treated with antibiotics and an appointment will be made to address the cause of the infection is after the infection is gone. A broken or chipped tooth can be repaired, but may require a root canal and cap or crown to protect it. Dental Implants are often used if a tooth is knocked out in emergency situations. This process requires an evaluation of the supporting jawbone and a consultation before the implant is placed.

One thing people need to realize is that neglecting to address dental emergencies right away, or at least within 24 hours can result in further dental issues, increased pain, and other health problems. Depford Family Dental provides all kinds of dental services including emergency dental care for the whole family. They provide an Emergency Dentist in Haddon Township on a same-day basis to address your dental issue.