Things You Can Do Before Calling An Air Conditioning Repair Minnetonka Company

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There is really no need to panic each time your AC unit malfunctions, and you do you have to call an air conditioning repair Minnetonka contractor right away. This is because there are certain things you can do to revive your air conditioner when it stops working all of a sudden. The first thing you need to do is examine the air filter. Apart from helping to keep the air within your room clean, the air filter also helps to keep your AC unit clean. Your air conditioner will not work efficiently, if it does not have sufficient, unrestricted air flow. A highly clogged filter can result in a complete system failure as well as very expensive repairs. You should examine your unit’s air filter, particularly if you perceive a strange smell when your AC is working. If necessary, change the filter.

One other thing you can do is to check the breaker panel or fuse box. When your air conditioner is not coming on at all, you should examine the power supply. Check the circuit breaker button, and even if it is in the appropriate position, you should go ahead and turn it off and then switch it on once more. This is the correct method to reset the circuit breaker button, and at times you do not have to take further action. If your unit is still not coming on, find the emergency disconnect switch. You will almost certainly find it on your AC unit, on a wall nearby or somewhere near the bottom or top of your basement stairway. Just flip the switch back on again, if it was turned off accidentally.

You should also examine the thermostat settings as they might be compromised. Ensure that the fan is set to turn on automatically when your air conditioner is activated. Also, check to find out if your system is set for cooling (and not heating). Your cooling unit will not turn on if your preferred temperature setting for the thermostat is set higher than the present room temperature. If your air conditioner is regularly maintained and serviced, chances are that your unit’s problem can be detected by following the tips presented in this article. However do not hesitate to call an air conditioning repair Minnetonka contractor if these steps do not solve the problem. You can visit website to learn more about them.