The Wrestling Must-Haves That Can Be Found at a Gear Shop in Nevada


Wrestling is a popular, full-contact sport that many people practice as a hobby, and some even make a career out of it. And as with most other sports, attire plays a huge part. Here are a few essentials needed to gear up for a successful wrestling journey.

Wrestling Shoes

An old pair of gym sneakers won’t do, and going barefoot would be even worse. Wrestling shoes come in a variety of different styles, but they are all made to be flexible, lightweight, comfortable, snug, and highly supportive of the ankle.


Common in the wrestling industry, cauliflower ear is a painful condition that can permanently damage one’s hearing. This is why headgear is a must-have as they provide essential padding to the ears and to some parts of the head.


Mouthguards are vital as they protect against gum injury and broken teeth. Though the styles vary, most are made up of either rubber or plastic and comfortably mold to the teeth.

Appropriate Clothing

Some people may choose to wear a t-shirt and shorts to practice in, but these items can be problematic while competing. To avoid any snagging, wrestling attire must be tightly fitted. Singlets are the best option and are worn by most professionals as they eliminate the possibility of an opponent’s grip. They are also made up of nylon, spandex, or another type of smooth, sweat-absorbent material so that the body is kept cool. At athletes can find everything they need and more to perform at their very best.