The Wealth of Advantages that Come from Using Electronic Access Control in Fort Bliss, TX


When it comes to entry systems for a business, electronic access control in Fort Bliss TX is a great technology that many businesses are using. There are many benefits that come from this system as opposed to using a standard physical key to unlock a door.

Allowing or Denying Access

Most businesses are going with some sort of card reading device to allow employees entrance into a facility, and this is a prime example of electronic access control. This is great for keeping the people that should be denied access to a business out while allowing employees or guests an easy way to get in and out of a building.

The Benefits

In the past, doors would have to stay unlocked and a business could never be sure if a duplicate key to gain access into the building was created without their knowledge. Today, Electronic Access Control in Fort Bliss, TX makes things a lot easier. Not only do these systems allow easy access as well as denial of people who need to stay out of the facility, the systems also provide a full usage audit. This gives full details of when an entrance to a business facility was accessed, whose card accessed the door, and when someone was denied access.

Easily Add or Remove Access Credentials

If an employee is terminated or the employee moves on to another job but fails to return an entrance key card, the system can easily be modified to eliminate the entrance key from the system, thus denying the past employee entrance. If the employee was using something like a proxy card, upon their termination or their last day of work, these credentials can quickly be transferred to another employee, rendering any proxy card credentials useless to the employee that is no longer with the business.

If your business hasn’t made the switch to electronic access control systems, it may be time to consider installing them. In addition, if the system ever needs any sort of maintenance, a locksmith that installed the system can also provide service. If you’d like to learn more about this type of system, you may want to visit Pop-A-Lock El Paso to get more details on implementing an electronic access control system for your business.