The Various Techniques Used By A Physical Therapist in Philadelphia PA To Treat Injuries

Physical Therapy

When a person is involved in an accident or undergoes surgery, they typically have a long recovery ahead of them. Fortunately, a Physical Therapist in Philadelphia PA will be able to help speed up the time it takes to restore normalcy by using a variety of exercises that are designed to encourage blood flow and overall muscular function. Many patients are afraid of the idea of going to a physical therapist, but gaining a quick look into the most common treatment modalities they utilize can help alleviate fears and allow a person to get back to optimal health as quickly as possible.


One of the best ways to increase blood flow and activate the natural healing process of the body is to perform a variety of different stretches. A Physical Therapist in Philadelphia PA will assist with the stretching exercises to ensure proper elongation of the muscles while preventing the onset of additional injuries. Many will also provide a patient with a list of stretches to complete at home to help speed up recovery.

Laser Therapy

Swelling not only causes discomfort, but it can extremely limit the exchange of fluids in the damaged area. The most effective way to combat swelling is to use laser therapy, which can activate the neuromuscular system and help to restore muscle tissue to standard size. A reduction in swelling will bring about pain relief and allow the muscle to begin the process of healing using the body’s natural abilities.

PROM Exercises

Passive range of motion (PROM) exercises are most commonly utilized for patients who have severe injuries that are not yet ready for more advanced forms of treatment. The most common type is massage therapy. Gentle manipulation of the muscles can help to increase blood flow and can be an excellent way to loosen up muscles that may have been immobilized by a cast or other medical device.

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