The Value of a Commercial Real Estate Agent

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There are many reasons that you might be in the market to either buy or lease a new space for a business. It could be that it is time to expand and you need a larger building or it could be that you wish to consolidate your operation and are looking for a smaller space. There are times that you could just be looking for a space that is better suited to your needs or that is more aesthetically pleasing. No matter what your reason may be, working with a qualified commercial real estate agent in Atlanta is crucial.

Ways in Which a Commercial Real Estate Agent Can Assist You

To begin with, most people do not have the knowledge or the skills required to locate the commercial space or building suited for their needs or to negotiate the best possible price on the lease or sale. While you may buy a building, or lease a new space every few years, commercial real estate agents do the same transactions multiple times daily. You are the most qualified person to run your business and a commercial real estate agent is the most qualified person in their field.

  • Negotiations: A Commercial Real Estate Agent Melbourne FL is the best person to represent you in lease and/or purchase negotiations. He or she is a person who coordinates all the moving pieces and makes sure that all the required consultants (accountant, lawyer, etc.) are in place.
  • Geography: if you are looking for a property in Atlanta, then you want to be working with a CRE who was based in the Atlanta area. In that way you can be certain that they are up-to-date on the current market values and trends to get you the best deal possible.

If you are looking to work with a commercial real estate agent who will treat you as an individual and not just some boxes on a checklist, then Dividend Commercial Real Estate is what you are looking for.