The Value In Working With A Precision Metal Machining Company


There are industries and applications where precision parts are not optional, and specific tolerances must meet industry standards. Examples of these types of parts can be found in medical devices and in parts and components for the aerospace, military, defense, and telecommunication industries.

Other OEMs may not specifically require precision parts, but for these companies, there may be distinct advantages to working with a contract manufacturer offering precision metal machining services.

Precision Parts and Turnaround Times

In the not too distant future, OEMs requiring medium to high volume orders often had challenges in finding a company to complete precision metal machining. Today, thanks to the technology and production capabilities offered by specialized contract manufacturers, precision parts can be produced extremely rapidly with no loss of quality control.

This means that even with high volume orders; it is possible to set up equipment and processes to meet demanding standards and still meet all industry and customer requirements for tight tolerances. Having the latest in CNC machining centers and equipment is also a factor, with top contract manufacturers offering the latest in machines and systems.

Consistency Between Orders

Once the company has received the files needed to configure the equipment, the files are reviewed, and the equipment is set up to meet production requirements. This allows the machining company to retain the CAD/CAM or other files, ensuring that future orders can be produced to the same tolerances and specifications.

With quality control practices, CNC precision metal machining gives the OEM the advantage of working with a partner to produce parts that never vary and are identical to the original file.

This is not only a quality issue, but it also helps to speed up fabrication, eliminates waste, and ensures that any part sold as the original or as a replacement part is always a perfect fit and integrates into the system.