The Value In Quality Corrosion Resistant Valves


When it comes to buying parts and components for industrial applications and systems, it always pays to choose the highest quality on the market. Too often contractors for these jobs attempt to cut corners and choose low quality corrosion resistant valves that end up resulting in problems during installation as well as decreased effectiveness over the life of the valve.

Choosing valves from specialized companies that focus on corrosion resistant valves and PTFE fittings and connectors will ensure that the system is safe, effective and has the performance standards required for the job. To understand how value and quality, as opposed to unit price, should be the central consideration when choosing valves, consider the following.

Quality Control for Easy Installation

When the corrosion resistant valves are manufactured to high-quality control standards, they are uniform in their size and shape. This means they can be easily installed into the system without all the minor surface adjustments that have to be made when quality control is not a key part of the production.

This speeds up installation while also decreasing the risk of leaks or failure at the site of the valve. When high pressure is a consideration, this is even more critical.

Increased Reliability and Performance

When corrosion resistant valves are installed in a system, there are two benefits that are essential to factor in the price. First, these valves will be extremely reliable even in the most corrosive and hostile of environments. Additionally, since there is no risk of corrosion on the interior of the valve purity of the media is never a concern through contamination.

When PTFE is used as the material in the valve, there is also decreased friction and increased flow of the media due to the non-stick nature of the surface. This, in turn, leads to a longer life cycle for each valve with minimal, if any, requirement for maintenance of the valve.