The Truths About Depression


Everyone experiences depression in their own unique way. However, there do seem to be some underlying truths about the feeling of depression. Mental health treatment is available in St Paul for anyone who is experiencing troubles with their mental well-being. Below you will find some of these universal truths about depression.

Depression Might Be Genetic

New research into depression is showing a link between depressed parents and their children. A new study has shown correlations between certain formations in our DNA and chronic depression. There seems to be 15 genes in our biology that link to depression, and they are the same genes that lead to the development of the brain.

It’s A Physical Illness

Depression is a very real illness with certain symptoms in addition to the emotional components. People with depression often notice a difference in their appetite, headaches and disrupted sleep.

Scientist Are Developing New Treatments

Mental health care works, despite what people may say. For the depressed person, it feels as though nothing can help, and nothing ever will. Therapy is known to increase a person’s outlook on life and can greatly help people manage their depression. They learn ways to notice triggers for their depression and helps depressed folk prevent rumination on these events. Medication is also proven to help alongside with therapy. Mental health experts usually prescribe a treatment of mood stabilizers and antidepressants alongside a course of therapy with a psychologist.

It’s Very Common

Depression affects millions of people worldwide, over 350 million people on the planet are thought to be suffering from depression. It’s one of the leading causes of disability in the world and many mental health experts are pushing for more information and awareness about the affliction.

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