The Top 5 Reasons For Balcony Waterproofing


Balconies on homes and residential properties such as apartments, condos, hotels and businesses are typically constructed with a very slight slope that is impossible to detect, but that allows rainwater and melt water from snow or ice to drain off the side of the balcony away from the building. This may initially seem to indicate that balcony waterproofing is a redundancy, but it is really a very important consideration.

By including balcony waterproofing systems, you can add to the life of the deck or balcony and also help to keep it looking fantastic even with exposure to rain, snow, ice, hail and all other types of weather. In addition to just the aesthetic consideration, there are other factors or reasons why waterproofing needs to be used on any outdoor wood, cement or other building material surface.

Mold Resistance

Then natural cracks and crevices in wood balconies or even in cement balconies or decks provide dark, organically rich areas where a little bit of moisture can go a long way to producing significant colonies of mold.

While this won’t cause odor problems in the building, for some people it can trigger allergic and respiratory problems, and it may also result in an increased risk of mold spores being deposited in the home. When the decking material is sealed, water cannot access these cracks and crevices and quickly evaporates or dries with the heat of the sun.

Durability and Performance

By using balcony waterproofing that seals and coats the material on the surface of the balcony and deck, there is an additional layer of protection. This means that the surface is protected with a durable, strong, water resistant coating to keep the balcony looking great even with years of exposure to rain, snow and sunlight.

While this may initially seem like an aesthetic matter only, by maintaining the surface of the balcony it has a longer lifecycle, reducing the cost of both maintenance and replacement, which is a consideration in both a residential and commercial building.

To help keep up the appearance of high traffic areas, particularly for commercial properties and buildings such as hotels, businesses or even apartments and condos, using a balcony waterproofing at the time of installation adds little to the cost of the project but adds to the overall appearance. Different options not only protect but also add a surface to the balcony that can include anti-skid properties for safe footing even in wet conditions.

The benefits of using our Dex-O-Tex balcony waterproofing systems include both durability and cost savings. To learn more see us online.