The Tasks Provided Through Home Health Care in Bethesda

Home Health Care Service

In Maryland, seniors who need around-the-clock medical treatment have an alternative to admission to a nursing home. They can choose to acquire an in-home nurse. These nurses provide the senior with all their daily requirements and monitors their health. The following are tasks provided through Home Health Care in Bethesda.

Daily Assistance at Home

The senior acquires daily assistance at home. The nurse helps them with bathing and grooming. They ensure the senior can complete their normal daily tasks according to their own schedule. This includes the management of any household requirements such as cleaning. The nurse helps these senior at home to enable them to maintain their freedom, dignity, and privacy.

Meal Preparation Services

The nurse presents the senior with menu selections and meal preparation. The nurse cooks three meals for the senior each day and provides them with snacks as they prefer. The nurse provides them with nutritious meals that accommodate dietary requirements based on the senior’s existing medical conditions. The nurse ensures the senior doesn’t face any issues due to a lack of vitamins and minerals.

Administration of Medication

The nurse provides the senior with all medications prescribed by their doctor. They follow the senior’s schedule and ensure the senior doesn’t miss any doses. The nurse ensures the senior remains stable and doesn’t face any adverse reactions. The nurse may acquire the senior’s prescriptions for them from their preferred pharmacy.

Assistance with Errands

The nurse can take the senior anywhere they need to go. This includes going to the grocery store as well as other shopping trips. The nurse can also take them to the doctor’s office as needed. They can also take the senior to visit with their loved ones as they prefer.

In Maryland, seniors can manage their health care requirements by acquiring an in-home nursing professional. These nurses provide health care and medical treatment in the privacy of the senior’s home. This eliminates any embarrassment they may experience in a nursing home. Seniors who want to acquire home health care in Bethesda can contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment today.