The Tasks of an Immigration Attorney

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One person, two countries, two sets of laws, rules and regulations; immigration at best is a very complicated process. At times the laws are so complex and convoluted that even those concerned who are careful to follow them to the letter are at times caught up in what appear to be unfathomable complexities. A corporate immigration attorney in Bucks County PA is a legal professional that deals with businesses planning on an overseas expansion as well as assisting US employers gain legal residence in the US. The same attorney can help those who wish to immigrate with or without a family, help with visa applications and applications for asylum. It is always best to consult with this attorney early in the process as the laws that pertain to immigration are complex.

Regardless of the need a potential immigrant or, in the case of a business transfer, the applicant or his employer should seek the advice and counsel of an immigration attorney before they actually make the move. A corporate immigration attorney in Philadelphia PA can help the employer or the applicant to complete all the necessary documentation required to establish residency and to attain the proper work permits. If in the future the employee wishes to convert his or her status into full US citizenship the same attorney can help the individual through the steps that must be taken to see it happen.

An immigration attorney will often be called upon to help someone who is having difficulties. There are times when a company for example may run into difficulties renewing a temporary employment visa of a non-immigrant employee, an immigration attorney can help. There are also those problems associated with illegal overstaying; immigration attorneys are hired to help with the resolution of these problems.

Business today is not insular; a successful business is one that takes advantage of what the world has to offer. A business immigration attorney in Bucks County PA can help. An immigration attorney that is focused on the needs of the business community can deal with work permits that are required when the business wants to bring people in from outside the US for employment.

The reverse is also true, the same attorney can handle the visas that will be required if the company wants to transfer key employees from the US facility to new foreign subsidiary.

Immigration laws frequently “change with the times.” Corporate and business immigration attorneys help companies avoid common mistakes, making sure their transition to their new country goes smoothly.

The business world continues to shrink; modern business brings skills in from other countries and sends valuable employees overseas to oversee a new start-up. If you need a seasoned corporate immigration attorney in Bucks County PA you are invited to discuss you plans with Voloshen Law Firm P.C