The Steps To Becoming A Professional Hair Stylist

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Prior to becoming a licensed hair stylist it will be necessary for you to receive formal training at a beauty college in Sacramento. This training can comfortably begin after high school graduation of the equivalent GED certification. The training takes place in a professional setting, the school of cosmetology teaches the fundamentals of hair styling, cutting, coloring, etc. The school also offers courses on makeup, body hair removal as well as manicure and pedicure.

There are a significant number of cosmetology schools, some considerably more prestigious than others. Although the schools with the best reputation may have a slightly higher tuition fee, the end results are well worth it when your application for employment at the best salons is accepted.

When a potential hair stylist trains at a prestigious school which is associated with a well respected name in the business or a hair care celebrity, it often means that you can charge the customers more for your services or expect a higher wage at high end salons. Although graduating from a well respected salon has significant career advantages, the important thing in the beginning is to gain a state board license to operate.

The course runs for approximately a year, this really depends on how far you wish to go with your initial education and training. The costs will vary depending on the course of studies but can often be met with grants, scholarships or student loans.

Once the schooling is complete and the license has been granted there are two basic directions to head. The better trained student will often approach one of the very well known and respected salons and work as an intern, continuing to hone their skills while working with highly accomplished hair stylists. Taking this route is akin to getting a graduate degree in cosmetology, this additional exposure often leads to formal employment in the most prestigious salons; this of course corresponds to a higher income.

The other normal approach is to head straight to work at a salon. During your months at the beauty college in Sacramento, you will no doubt have created a portfolio of your work; this will help you land that first important position. You may be offered employment or you may be offered the opportunity to rent a station in the salon and pay the owner a small percentage of your income as rent.

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