The Spectacle of Hula Kahiko in Hawaii


The luau is a grand party and performance enjoyed by the native people of Hawaii for many generations and it is something that continues today to bring joy and culture to the world. If you plan on spending any amount of time in Hawaii this year for business or leisure, it is in your best interests to experience this time-honored tradition of fun, skill, and dance. Hula Kahiko is a type of dance that is much more athletic and involved that you might imagine whenever you hear the word “hula” and it is an experience truly worth having no matter the reason that you find yourself visiting this collection of island paradises.


As is part of the custom, hula kahiko in Hawaii is practiced and performed in beautiful costumes created with local flowers and bright, engaging colors. The men and women who take the stage know how to truly put on a spectacular show using many amazing routines, rhythm-based actions, and a great deal of audience-engaging fun. Many of the flowered leis and other beautiful parts of their costumes can be purchased for yourself from men and women who make them by hand all over Hawaii, making this a great way for you to bring home a memory after the great show. You can contact us to learn about booking your tickets.


The right hula kahiko will offer you a wide range of great, traditional Hawaiian foods as well as many of the foods that you are comfortable eating at home. This is a nighttime performance designed to fill you with great food, excitement, and many memories that will follow you for a lifetime. You can attend this buffet and the show, watching some of the many dances that came to the islands from countries such as Tahiti, Samoa, Fiji, New Zealand, and this very state.