The Reasons Why You Need Oil Tank Testing in New York City, NY

by | Oct 7, 2014 | Business

Oil tanks are a key element in heating the home. While these tanks are built to last, they do need to be inspected on a regular basis. In addition, they need to be tested to ensure that they are sound enough to hold and distribute the oil properly. Thus, it is important to get it inspected if you suspect any of these problems.

One problem that requires Oil Tank Testing in New York City NY is when you suspect that your oil tank has a leak. This can be detected by a drop in the gauge when the tank hasn’t been used. There may also be indications of oil on the ground. You may also smell the leakage. These are signs that your tank has possibly developed a hole. This issue needs to be fixed immediately to prevent oil leaks from damaging your yard and to prevent extra costs in cleanup.

Another problem that requires an inspection is if you have any obviously rusted areas on the tank. Rusted areas mean that the tank has been exposed to the weather in that area. A long term exposure will weaken the metal and eventually cause it to leak. Getting these rusted spots repaired can prolong the life of the tank and prevent expensive repair costs in clean up.

A dings or other physical damage is another reason that you need to get Oil Tank Testing in New York City NY. While it may appear that some of it might be cosmetic, this type of damage can eventually lead to a compromised tank. You need to make sure that the damage hasn’t punctured the tank or otherwise compromised the integrity such as knocking it off of its support system. This task is best left for a professional evaluation if you aren’t sure if damage has been done.

A compromised oil tank is a recipe for disaster. Click Here for more information on how to get your tank inspected and to schedule an appointment. A leaking tank causes major issues that can cost a lot of money to repair. Thus, it is important that your tank is inspected regularly.

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