The Reasons Why Roofs and Gutters Are Important to One Another


There are three important components to your home. The first is a sturdy foundation. Without it, the house can start to sink or lean to one side. The other two important components are the roof and the gutters. Separately, these items are very important to move water from the home. However, they work best together, and if one doesn’t work properly, the other could start to have issues.

When a roofing company like Heins Contracting adds a roof to a home, the professionals make sure that the gutters are properly connected. They either go right on the eaves or are attached to the soffit and fascia, which is the area around the exposed rafters.

The professionals working for a nearby roofing company in Waukesha, WI, do this to ensure water from the top of the house flows easily into the gutter channels. In turn, it’s fed through downspouts and onto splash blocks or into rain barrels.

Complications can occur when a component doesn’t act properly. For instance, if the gutter channels are clogged with leaves, then the water doesn’t flow into the downspouts. Thus, it starts building in the channels.

Water can start overflowing the gutters and splash onto the soffit or fascia, then back onto the roof tiles. If it’s a particularly bad storm, the water can accumulate and start to seep into areas of the roof that already had signs of stress.

The accumulated water puts extra weight on the eaves. If not relieved, the gutters can break off and take part of the roof with them. This would make your home susceptible to extensive moisture damage.

To ensure these scenarios don’t happen, get the right answers when speaking to a roofing company in Waukesha, WI. Ask them what can be done to minimize the risk of gutter or roof damage due to excessive rain. They might suggest working with a company that handles gutter guards or helmets to reduce the amount of leaves and natural debris that can accumulate in the channels.

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