The Range of Bereavement Reactions While Arranging a Funeral in Middletown

Funeral Services

When a family needs to arrange a funeral Middletown, organizations offer compassionate service. Funeral directors know that people grieve in different ways and that some losses are more traumatic than others. The different types of relationships and circumstances connected with the death have a significant influence on how loved ones experience this loss. For example, grief over losing an elderly parent can be substantial, but grief over losing a child tends to be more overwhelming and paralyzing.

Psychologists dislike the idea of “normal grief” since bereaved people can feel and act entirely differently in similar circumstances. A middle-aged person who loses a parent may be unable to move forward for months, while another seems to recover relatively quickly. That doesn’t mean the amount of love they felt was any different. Funeral directors do know, however, that when parents lose a son or daughter, it tends to be the worst loss of all and the most difficult to cope with.

Sudden Loss

Sudden loss usually is more difficult to cope with than a death that has been predicted for some time. The shock of the occurrence leaves everyone reeling. There is a sense of unreality about the situation since there was no time to prepare emotionally and mentally. When these families need to arrange a funeral Middletown, funeral directors understand how terrible this experience is. They provide gentle guidance through the necessary decision-making process and the funeral or memorial service.

Suicide and Accidental Overdose

Circumstances like suicide and accidental drug overdoses also are harrowing for families to deal with. They search for answers and may lean on the funeral director as someone they can talk to. The director cannot provide psychological counseling but can offer sympathy and empathy.

A Range of Reactions

Directors with an organization such as John P. Condon Funeral Home have spent a great deal of time with families in a broad range of situations. They see different reactions and do not make judgments. One person may feel completely devastated and yet appear to be functioning relatively normally. Another cannot stop sobbing while trying to make decisions about the arrangements.