The Process of Home Elevation Using Shoring Systems in New Orleans, LA


Home elevation is a worthwhile investment for homeowners in New Orleans, LA simply because of the ability to protect their property from hurricane damage and flooding.

High-quality shoring systems lightens the load even more, making this option worthy of consideration even if you do not know much about it.

Here is an overview of the process of home elevation used by shoring systems and what you can expect from this journey:`

Step-by-Step Help

The first step to houseelevation in New Orleans, LA is to find an experienced and reputable shoring company specializing in this field. A reputable company will work closely with homeowners step-by-step to assess their needs and offer customized solutions to meet applicable requirements and exceed expectations.

Obtain your permits!

The next step is to obtain the required approvals and permits from local authorities. This step typically involves collecting permits for the elevation process and the necessary plumbing and electrical work.


The shoring company would then start the home elevation process. The home is lifted off its existing foundation and temporarily supported by shoring systems using such equipment as hydraulic jacks, steel beams, and cribbing. The shoring company will also install any necessary reinforcements to ensure your home is stable and secure during the elevation process.

Meet the new requirements

Once your home is elevated, the shoring company will install a new foundation or modify your existing foundation to meet the new elevation requirements. This can include pouring a new slab, installing new piers, or other modifications.

Back in place, carefully

Finally, the shoring company will carefully lower your home onto the new foundation and remove any temporary supports. They will then complete any necessary electrical, plumbing, or other work to ensure your home is fully functional and ready for occupancy.

Home elevation using shoring systems is a complex process that requires expertise and experience. By working with a reputable and trusted shoring company, you can ensure that your home is protected from flooding and hurricane damage and is fully functional and ready for occupancy.

The team at Patterson Structural Moving and Shoring provides professional and reliable leveling services for your home specialize in using the latest technology and equipment to ensure that your home is leveled properly and safely.

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