The Process Of Custom Lead Casting

Lead Fabrication

While many different types of lead items are standardized in their shape and size, there is also the need for specific shapes, sizes, and designs of castings for a variety of different applications. Creating simple shapes and small components are relatively easy with lead, but the larger the final product, the greater the challenges.

Custom lead casting can include the design and production of one shape, or the production of a series of shapes and sizes for different types of manufacturing and production companies. Not all companies that offer this service are set up to provide all sizes and options in the process, particularly when it comes to the large lead casting requirements.

Types of Casting Options

There are different requirements for custom lead casting solutions in various applications. For parts or components that are used in the nuclear industry, precision casting is essential.

This involves the ability to hire companies to complete different processes in custom lead casting. When the precision of the final component is not a critical factor, using general casting methods to create a net near shape and then finishing after the casting process is the lowest cost option.

For specific applications where tight tolerances and high levels of precision are required, companies with experience in precision custom lead casting are a must. These companies will not only have the expertise and the equipment to complete these types of shapes, but they will also be able to verify the internal structure of the pour using gamma scanning.

This guarantees that not only is the shape accurate and to the tolerances specified, but there are no voids or areas of density differences throughout the pour. Not only will this be essential in extreme uses for lead transport containers and vessels used in extreme types of working conditions, but it will also be critical for safety when radiation is a factor.