The Principles of Memory Care in Paramus NJ

Senior Living

Our culture cherishes memories more than anything else. Memories are what make us who we are, and the protection, care, and growing of our memories is what gives us individuality and life. Many of us imagine the horror that an Alzheimer’s patient goes through.. And many aging citizens face memory issues that range from minor nuisances to practically dangerous. The battle between memory and mind is a vicious one, and many degenerative diseases ultimately win out.

Regency Memory Care Club is a senior living center that displays some truly radiant grounds, life enriching activities, and a high quantity of excellent facilities to make life all the easier in the golden years. The community services the Louisville and Indianapolis areas.
One important aspect to Regency Memory Care Club is Memory Care in Paramus NJ. The community knows the value of remembering. Remembering the past which has shaped the residents, and remembering the family that has brought them there are both paramount to continued happiness in old age.

Memory Care in Paramus NJ incorporates a specialized program that seeks to maximum the general quality of life in multiple areas. Because Alzheimer’s and other cognitive diseases can become inherently perplexing and advance rapidly, protective measures are established efficiently and safely. This includes assist bars throughout the room, special window treatments, and safe room structuring.

One of the more brilliant aspects is the memory display box. With these types of patients, Regency Memory Care Club employs special memory assets, such as photos on the door or an area of family heirlooms, old photographs, and visual cues to facilitate minimized memory loss. These personal treasures become attachments that many of the patients hold on to assist in retaining their memory.

The program exists in an effort to not just stall memory loss. It actively flexes spiritual, emotional, physical, and social health. The memory program, as well as the general care program, follows these four main overarching goals every day. Through social interactions, mental focus, respectful and dignified practices, and physical activities, the patients get a little growth in every major category of life. The final goal is to enrich the spirit of life and prolong the very best in people.