The Primary Types of Air Dryers PA


Absorption drying is a type of chemical process where water vapor is bound to the absorption material. It can be either a liquid or a solid. The main idea behind the way an absorption Air Dryers PA works is that moist air moves through the hygroscopic material. This material is typically activated alumina, molecular sieves, or silica gel. It’s then dried. The water vapor exchange from the moist compressed air to the hygroscopic material or the desiccant results in the desiccant becoming saturated at some point with the absorbed water.

Some of the main types of air dryers used today are listed here. Keep reading to learn more.

A Heatless Dryer

This dryer is best for smaller rates of air flow, higher inlet temperatures, as well as extremely low dew points. The regeneration process occurs with the help of the expanded compressed air or the purge air, and it requires about 15 to 20 percent of the nominal capacity of the dryer to help and regenerate the media bed.

A Heated Purge Regenerated Dryer

This type of dryer uses an electric air heater to heat up to the expanded purge air. They will use about 25 percent less energy than a heatless type of dryer all while limiting the total required purge flow to just about 10 percent.

Blower Regenerated Dryers

With this particular dryer, ambient air is blown over an electric heater. It is then put into contact with the wet desiccant to regenerate it. This particular dryer doesn’t use compressed air to regenerate the desiccant material. This helps to reduce the total energy consumption to as much as 40 percent less than the heatless types of dryers.

When it comes to Air Dryers PA, there are more than a few options to consider. Each one has both pros and cons. If a person is unsure which air dryer they need, they can reach out to the professionals at Air Center Inc. Those who are interested can also Visit Website to learn more about the air dryers that are available and figure out which one is right for their particular project or situation.