The Placement of Dental Veneers in Midwest City OK to Improve a Smile


Many people have chosen to improve their teeth cosmetically after seeing so many celebrities and models with such bright, straight teeth. Whitening and straightening doesn’t solve every problem with teeth, however. Dental Veneers in Midwest City OK can be applied to improve teeth that are chipped, too small or inconsistent in shape. They can hide a gap between teeth. They also can cover discoloration that cannot be resolved with bleaching.

Crowns vs. Veneers

Dental crowns also can mask these problems, but crowns cover the entire tooth and not just the front. Crowns require the dentist to grind away some tooth enamel all the way around, but only some of the front enamel must be removed for placement of Dental Veneers in Midwest City OK.

Hiding Discoloration

Stains on teeth can be eliminated with bleaching, but discoloration that is integral to the tooth cannot. For example, when young children must take tetracycline antibiotics while their adult teeth are still forming, the enamel will be somewhat yellow. A tooth that has a damaged nerve from a blow to the mouth will typically turn gray.

Celebrities and Veneers

A large number of celebrities have had their teeth modified with veneers so they can have a near-perfect smile. That’s been confirmed by a Manhattan dentist who knows why the smiles of so many actors, actresses and reality TV stars have no apparent flaws. Many will not admit it, but the evidence can be seen just by comparing the smiles of numerous celebrities through a search engine’s images section.

The same is true for social media influencers, particularly those focusing on Instagram. Even people who already have an attractive smile may want veneers to improve relatively minor imperfections. Additional procedures can tackle imperfections like canines that are a tad too long or too pointed. The dentist can do a little grinding of the enamel so all the teeth toward the front have a more consistent length.

A Rejuvenated Smile

With porcelain veneers placed at a clinic such as Sunnylane Family Dentistry, patients can see their smile rejuvenated and feel more attractive. Anyone interested in this cosmetic treatment may visit the website to learn more. You can also visit them on Google My Business.