The Number One Beach Lovers Place for Relaxation in Norfolk, VA

Real Estate

Boardwalk Realty and Development offers customers a variety of options when it comes to their beach stay. Everyone at this point is in need of a sunny, gorgeous vacation, relaxing next to the beautiful ocean, and Boardwalk realty has just the place for each person’s unique housing needs. Offering 6 to 12-month leases, Boardwalk Realty finds the perfect amount of time their customers need to stay. And beach living is more affordable than ever. Next to the gorgeous ocean, the beach has been widened by almost 300 feet, giving an even better beach experience for those ocean lovers.

The beach rentals close to Little Creek Base in Norfolk are priced considerably less than a similar rental in the Virginia Beach area, the Ocean Front locations, or Chic’s Beach. The biggest rental discounts for Boardwalk Realty and Development are found at their top-quality properties such as Surf Rifer, Poseidon, Beach House, and White House Point.

The off-season, discounted pricing for military personnel, also extends to retirees, empty nesters, golfers, corporate personnel, the gay community, and even just simple beach lovers. With the Airbnb rentals, studio apartments, 1 and 2 bedroom apartments, townhouses, carriage houses, and so much more, rentals close to Little Creek Base in Norfolk are the way to go when renting near the beach.

Don’t look any further. Stay in luxury rentals on the gorgeous beach, ready for you to move in and enjoy your beach life. Boardwalk Realty and Development has exactly what you have been dreaming of for your beach stay.