The Natural Beauty Of Round Cut Diamonds


Whether you are popping the big question or simply looking for a gift for Valentine’s day, finding the perfect diamond is always a quest. There are many different options available when it comes to purchasing diamonds and it can be hard to make the very best choice. However round cut diamonds have a natural beauty and a simple appeal that almost everyone is sure to love. These diamonds can be purchased in a variety of different color options such as yellow diamonds. Exploring these beautifully cut stones further will help you to decide if they are right for you.

Brilliant Round Cut Diamonds

The specifics of quantifying a round cut diamond has been set forth by the GIA. According to their requirements, for a stone to be considered a brilliant round cut diamond, it is supposed to have 58 facets. However instead of unmodified round cut diamonds, buyers can also consider modified ones that cost a little less. If you have budget constraints, you can consider purchasing a round cut diamond that has at least 1.0 carats in weight and is graded a G or above in color with no fluorescence.

Easy to find the ring you love

With so many of the diamonds in the marketplace today being round cut diamonds, it is easy to find just the perfect ring that appeals to you. Over 75% of the rings in the marketplace are round cut diamonds which makes choosing the ideal ring a simple process. If you are searching for the best ring for an engagement ring or wedding ring, a simple stop at your local jewelry store will help you uncover just what you are looking for.

Get a great price

If you are willing to make certain compromises, you will be able to find just the right ring at a great price. This may require you to choose a smaller carat or select a different type of ring band. However by making these concessions, you can end up with just the right ring that appeals to your tastes and preferences.