The Most Important Elements To Consider When Finalizing Bathroom Designs In Encinitas


A bathroom should be a relaxing oasis that allows a person to tackle daily grooming habits with ease and comfort. One that is dated and not designed to provide a spa-like experience may lead to frustration and cause a home to look unkempt and dirty. There are a variety of Bathroom Designs in Encinitas that will help to increase the functionality of the smallest spaces and will provide a person with a relaxing and rejuvenating environment that is the perfect place to de-stress after a harrowing day.

Tubs and Showers

The tub and shower in a bathroom is the focal point of the room, and while useful in a variety of applications, more owners are choosing to install stand-alone products. A tiled shower stall provides a generous amount of space, and when equipped with several different shower heads, it will elevate any bathing experience. Large, jetted tubs are also popular, due to their ability to increase relaxation during bath time.

Water Closet

A majority of homes in the US have a standalone toilet that is visible upon entering. A water closet is a separate, smaller room that houses a toilet and provides additional privacy when it is in use. Most designers will include the addition of a water closet in the smallest of spaces, which not only provides a high-end feel but will prevent a toilet from being visible when in use.

Vanities and Sinks

The vanity and sink in a bathroom is one of the most frequently used elements, as it is where a person shaves, brushes their teeth and applies makeup. Traditional vanities are large and cumbersome, and while they may be cost-effective, they do little to create whimsy and add character. One of the growing trends in Bathroom Designs in Encinitas is to repurpose old furniture as a sink by fitting it with plumbing and a vessel unit which is designed to sit on the surface of the piece.

Before beginning a bathroom remodeling project, it is crucial to consult with a professional design firm. The team at Guedes Construction Inc. offers customized service and will help a person realize their home’s potential. Contact us today to learn more and take the first step in breathing new life into the most dilapidated of bathrooms.