The Medical Spa in Meridian ID has Multiple Procedures.

Medical Spa

The benefits of going to a Medical Spa in Meridian ID rather than a regular spa are the highly trained professionals and the multitude of procedures offered. In addition to a total of nine available facials, procedures include a variety of injectables, skin re-surfacing, new techniques for anti-aging, body sculpting technology, and laser procedures. Waxing, medical weight loss, and hair removal are offered as well. Most of these non-surgical procedures will require an initial consultation with a certified professional, so Contact us to schedule that as soon as possible.


Some injections are used to numb facial tissue to remove the appearance of wrinkles, crow’s feet, and deep lines. Botox and Dysport are some examples of this formula. Most newer injections fall into the category of dermafillers, such as Juvederm and Radiesse. The approach here is to plump up the skin to fill-in those lines and wrinkles. Kybella is a unique injectable that destroys fat cells in the chin and jowl areas. Once cells are destroyed, they are gone permanently.

New Procedures

Dermaplanning is a new procedure for the face. A surgical scalpel is used to exfoliate dead skin cells and remove fine hairs (aka peach fuzz) at the same time. Their benefits include smooth and glowing skin, an increase in cell regeneration, and better absorption of topical products. This means that people can use fewer amounts of serums, anti-aging creams, and moisturizers.

Trusculpt 3D is a new approach to the fat reduction that offers benefits not possible with cool-sculpting technology. The major added benefit is the experience of skin tightening. Because this procedure uses radio frequency to heat fat, it also stimulates the increased production of collagen which tightens the skin. This procedure is also approved to treat any part of the body. Sculpting with cooling technology typically takes three to five sessions to produce results. Most clients get desired results in just one treatment, saving time and money.

Laser Procedures

Lasers are used for much more than resurfacing the skin on the face. Hair removal, eye lifts, tattoo removal, and vein treatments are also accomplished via lasers. It is well worth the time to visit the Medical Spa in Meridian ID to explore the full-service menu of treatments offered.