The Many Uses of Investigators in Westchester County


A private investigator can serve many purposes. Their services can be very beneficial for legal issues, as well as, business issues. They can be very important in major purchases. Their knowledge and skills can be a very important tool in many aspects of life.

Investigators in Westchester County can play a crucial role in divorce proceedings. As many are aware, when going through a divorce, everything has to be proven. Without proof, it can effect support, custody, or even getting the divorce. A private investigator can assist with finding proof of marital issues. They can perform surveillance and other investigative services to determine if the accusations have merit. This information can be used as evidence in the divorce proceedings.

Another great benefit of companies like Pagones-O’Neill Investigations is the ability to perform due diligence. Due diligence is the necessary steps taken to satisfy legal responsibilities when buying or selling anything. Private investigators are experienced in knowing what steps need taken, and fulfilling them. For example, if buying a company, it is important to know everything there is about the company. Sales and profits, as well as, legal matters that the company has. Any information that could effect the purchase or operations of the company can be researched by private investigators. This can be very beneficial in preventing a misrepresented sale.

All forms of legal issues can be assisted by private investigators. They can be great tools for discovery of evidence. They are highly qualified in finding and interviewing potential witnesses. Investigation and back ground checks of any person involved can be easily accomplished with the assistance of private investigators. These services can be useful for either side of the legal action.

Some investigator companies also provide security and protection services. These services can include security personnel to provide a physical security presence where needed. They can also provide services to investigate any security issues a place may have. School security can be examined and feedback given by the company. This can provide important information on how to keep the school safe from threats.

There are many services that private investigators can provide. Most aspects of security can be managed and improved by these services. Legal and corporate issues can be resolved by their services. The uses are varied, but, a necessary part of daily life.