The Many Uses for Mist Systems

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Mist systems are one of the most versatile commercial systems you might never have heard about. Most people who know about mist systems think of them simply as cooling systems, but these have many benefits in addition to being able to reduce temperature in an area. Here are some of the other benefits of a mist system.

  • Odor control – Mist systems are used in areas where odor from organic waste is a problem, such as near waste treatment plants or farms. Using mist to control odor is a much less expensive and more natural than air injection systems.
  • Dust control – Mist systems help workers breathe easier by controlling the dust in facilities that create large amounts of the substance.
  • Noxious gas control – Mist can also keep noxious gases, which might have no odor, but be lethal, under control, keeping visitors and workers safe. Mist systems are regularly used to control carbon monoxide and methane.
  • Humidification – Misting systems keep the air more comfortable by increasing the humidity. Humidification systems aren’t just for comfort, though. Many businesses use these to keep products, like lumber and other wood items, at the proper humidity level for protection. Misting systems can also be used as a fire prevention systems in areas where the air is so dry that many items become fire hazards.
  • Effect – Mist systems are also great for creating special effects. Fog can offer a dramatic backdrop for an event, providing residual cooling at the same time.

Mist systems are useful for a variety of commercial applications. Since these systems use only water to do their job, they are easy and inexpensive to operate. In addition, mist systems are completely natural and offer no negative side effects to those around them. See how a mist system can benefit your organization today.