The Many Benefits of Installing a New Fireplace

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For people who own a home in Utah, installing all the right things to stay warm and cozy in the winter is essential. In addition to having a good energy-efficient furnace, many homeowners love having the warmth and ambiance of a fireplace.

The Amazing Benefits of Today’s Fireplaces

While there are many older homes that have a fireplace installed, homes that have been built in the last thirty years may not have a fireplace as an automatic feature. There is a wide variety of reasons the installation of fireplaces changed over the years. Part of the change occurred because home buyers preferred not to burn wood in their homes because of the smoke they can cause and concern over chimney cleaning. The good news is that many of today’s fireplaces have changed the fuel they use. Today, over 25 percent of all new fireplaces burn clean with an alternative energy source such as natural gas and propane, allowing it to be a great heat source.

Adding A Fireplace To Your Home

Whether you are looking for an authentic wood-burning fireplace or a modern gas-fueled fireplace, these units offer wonderful warmth and add beauty to any home. With accents of fieldstone, marble, granite, and brick, today’s fireplaces make stunning additions to any room. From living rooms to kitchens, family rooms, dens, and bedrooms, today’s fireplace mantle choices are stunning accents that make any room beautiful and elegant.

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