Clear brine fluid is basically a concentrated mixture of inorganic salts, normally bromide and chlorides. The manufacture of brine requires controlled environments as their unstable forms are hazardous to the environment. Clear brine fluids have the ability to absorb water from the skin and that means that upon contact with the human skin, it has the ability to draw water from the human body leaving your skin dry.

That would lead to cases like drying of the skin and in some case you will experience blistering and reddening. In case of brine in the environment, the salts can be rendered harmless by the addition of sufficient water so that they are diluted. In case of zinc bromide, it cannot be discharged to the environment because it is considered a priority pollutant. Basically, during clear brine fluid concentration, all precautions must be put in place to ensure that fluid is not released to the environment.

The manufacture of clear brine involves organizing a planning process that will enable you to estimate the amount of clear brine fluid that will be required for the job and select the right crystallization temperature. In cases where there are compatibility issues, sensitivity formation and corrosion concerns, it is important to select an engineered fluid. You should also select the proper clear fluid family which could either be single, two or three salts. Also the appropriate fluid density should be determined before officially beginning the process.

In clear brine fluid concentration, the crystallization temperature is highly affected by environmental factors and the type of brine used. You may find that a single salt fluid works best during the summer while a two salt fluid works best on cooler environments. A three salt fluid may also be used during summer.

Crystallization is also affected by atmospheric pressure. For example, at ocean water depths, adjustments must be made to the fluid for proper crystallization. Pressure causes an increase in the density of the clear brine. Therefore, adjustments will be required to compensate for the combination of pressure at temperature that takes place at the bottom hole.

Clear brine fluids are widely used on large refrigeration installations for the transportation of thermal energy from one region to another. This is so because the addition of salt to water lowers the freezing temperature of the solution and therefore making it the best choice. Brine is also used for food salting and bring.

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