The Important Legal Role that Criminal Attorneys in Putnam, CT, Play


The American Constitution guarantees defendants the right to a speedy trial and legal counsel during their court appearances. Even if you have been arrested for the most heinous of crimes, you still have the right to defend yourself before the judge or jury.

When you want to defend yourself to the best of your ability, you need to retain the most competent legal counsel available to you. Your criminal attorneys in Putnam, CT, will play a critical role in keeping you out of jail.

Gathering and Presenting Evidence

One of the biggest roles that your attorney will play in your case involves getting and presenting evidence in court to show that you are innocent. Your lawyer will have the legal ability to subpoena evidence like video footage, eyewitness statements, medical reports and other facts that back up your plea. The court can consider this evidence and determine whether or not you are actually guilty.

Your lawyer can also argue on your behalf so that you do not have to get up in front of a judge or jury and argue for yourself. You can remain sitting at the defense table and allow your lawyer to act as your intermediary.

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