The Importance of Washington State Culvert, Bridge and Dam Repairs

Construction and Maintenance

Weather changes can significantly affect bridges, roads, and dams. This is true during the storms as well as in the proceeding months thereafter.

State Flooding Trends

Washington has been on the frontline of some major weather events in the last several years. This includes significant rain and snow accumulations that have led to large areas of localized flooding. While these types of events are not the norm, they have certainly become much more commonplace with the shifting weather and climate changes.

Effects of Flooding

Major flooding events cannot be prevented. However, there are ways that areas can be better prepared to avoid catastrophic damage. In many cases, building better culverts, bridges, and dams can play a crucial role in the prevention of devastating flooding during heavy rain events.

Observation of dam, culvert and bridge stability in the spring during heavy melting and rain events can offer a good gauge for repairs and construction work that can be done to these areas during the summer and fall months. The best time to start culvert, bridge, or dam repair in Washington State construction is in May when the weather systems have calmed down and the drier season begins.

Towns, municipalities, and private property owners that are concerned about future failure of bridges, culverts, or dams should have them assessed for capacity in the spring during the height of water stress to see whether they need repairs.

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