The Importance of Quick Bail Bonds in Lakeland for People Arrested on Felony Charges

Bail Bonds

Quick Bail Bonds in Lakeland are available for people who have been arrested for a felony and cannot afford cash bail. Some bonding agencies only provide this service to customers charged with misdemeanors, since the bail amount typically is much lower. That doesn’t help the high percentage of people facing felony charges and not wanting to stay behind bars until the case ends.

The Purpose of Bail

The purpose of the court requiring bail is to provide extra motivation for the defendant to stay in town. When faced with possible prison time, the temptation to run away can be strong. After paying bail, they know they’ll get their money back once the case is resolved, but not if they skip town.

The Possibility of Bail Reform

Some bail reform advocates encourage jurisdictions to switch to supervised release, such as with ankle bracelets or other GPS systems. They report that keeping defendants locked up costs to taxpayers more than these programs would.

This idea may be praiseworthy, but it is unlikely to become commonplace in the next few years. In the meantime, Quick Bail Bonds in Lakeland provide an alternative to cash bail. The defendant pays a fee for the service and can then be released from jail on bond.

Working for a Positive Outcome

Life can be at least somewhat normal after receiving help from a 24/7 Licensed Bondsman. Research shows that defendants who do not stay behind bars are more likely to have a positive outcome in the case. They have access to more resources, such as being able to find a criminal defense attorney who is a good match. They can continue to work and earn money to pay for the help they need in achieving a successful result.

An agency like Zona Long Bail Bonds makes sure representatives are always available, understanding the arrests don’t necessarily happen during normal business hours. The defendant can be back home with the family by Sunday afternoon and at work on Monday morning. The right criminal defense lawyer may be able to negotiate a favorable plea bargain with the prosecution or even convince the prosecuting attorney to drop the charges.