The Importance of Periodic Maintenance in Reducing Constant Sewer Repair in Silverdale WA


Many homeowners often look to address the routine responsibilities of home maintenance like having the air conditioning unit checked, winterizing the heating system and having the gutters cleaned. However, what about having the main sewer line cleaned?

This is arguably the most ignored maintenance task, yet it can lead to significant water damage with costly cleanup expenses. Do not wait until a disaster occurs to find out that the sewer requires periodic cleaning.

Sewer Line Backup

Many reasons are attributed to main sewer line blockage. These include grease buildup, tree root intrusion or pipe scale accumulation.

Types of Sewer Lines

Before looking at how regularly sewer lines should be cleaned, homeowners should at least know the type of sewer in their respective homes. These include:

Clay Sewer Lines

Clay Sewer Lines are found in ancient homes. With the average sewer line measuring about 50 feet, there are several joints where tree roots can potentially enter and finally exploit the water in the line. Over time, the tree roots become thick and lead to a blockage. During Sewer Repair & maintenance in Silverdale WA, these lines will be expertly snaked employing a root cutting equipment and the roots removed from the sewer line.

Fiber Conduit Sewer Lines

Fiber conduit is made from rolled wood pulp and tar. Although tree root expansion inside these sewer lines is uncommon, these lines lose their shape, and negatively impact on sewer flow. An expert sewer and drain cleaner may apply high-pressure water jetting to restore full functionality of this type of sewer.

Cast Iron Sewer Lines

Most modern homes feature heavy-duty cast iron pipe as the preferred sewer line. In contrast to fiber conduit and clay, cast iron has reduced joints and is quite strong. The only disadvantage is the buildup of pipe scale. Given that the pipe is produced from iron, solid rusty residues often form inside the pipe. Over time, pipe scale attracts various solids leading to a blockage. High-pressure water jetting can help to clean and smooth out the pipe’s interiors.

In conclusion, periodic sewer cleaning is the best solution to preventing constant Sewer Repair in Silverdale WA. Consult a reputable sewer and draining company to tailor an effective sewer maintenance program.