The Importance of Meth Lab Cleanup in Atlanta GA

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As illegal drug use rises, the methamphetamine lab problem is on the increase. Meth labs are being found in motel rooms, vehicles and houses all over Georgia, and authorities seize hundreds each year. As the problem continues to grow and agencies look for ways to restrict the ingredients in meth, production methods are changing. Below are basic guidelines to help the public and property owners in Meth Lab Clean Up Atlanta GA.

Determining Whether a Property is a Meth Lab

As of this writing, there is no way to list or track homes that were once used for methamphetamine production. Call local authorities to confirm whether chemicals were seized on the premises, and to get the name of the contractor who might have removed them. The contractor can tell the property owner or buyer which chemicals were in the home.

Why Meth Labs are Such a Concern

A home used to make meth is typically set up like a laboratory, including heat sources, chemicals and equipment. After a lab is found, most debris is removed. However, there may be contaminants left on porous surfaces and in drains and ventilation systems. Though these contaminants are only present in small amounts, they can pose severe health threats to occupants.

Contaminants Found in Meth Labs

The EPA, working with local health departments, is attempting to identify pollutants found at former Atlanta meth labs. There are multiple ways to make methamphetamine, and each uses different ingredients. The EPA has collected samples from different properties after meth lab seizures, focusing on areas where residents are most likely to come into contact with contaminants. The most common meth-related toxins are iodine, phosphorus, metals and solvents, all of which can cause significant health issues.

The safest method of Meth Lab Clean Up Atlanta GA is to hire “domain URL”, an environmental company with a focus on hazardous materials disposal. An owner who cleans their own property should know that building materials and furnishings can absorb pollutants and emit fumes. During cleanup, the removal team will wear protective suits, gloves, goggles and respirators. Property owners should not enter a former meth lab until a full cleanup has been completed. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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