The Importance of Installing Mobility Tools in Homes for People Who Are Getting Older

Medical Equipment

Getting older can be difficult for people, especially when the body starts to lose some of its strength, and coordination and balance are a bit off. While getting older doesn’t necessarily mean that falling will occur, statistics show that the largest population of Americans who suffer from falls are people that are over the age of 70.

Statistics on Falling

Because of the increased risk, people need to look into establishing better home safety standards before a fall occurs. According to The National Council on Aging statistics show that every 11 seconds, an older adult is treated in the emergency room for a fall. While many falls can be easily treated, on occasion, falls can be life-altering, causing broken bones or even become fatal.

Getting Better Prepared

The good news is there are ways to decrease the risks of falls among the elderly in their homes. Putting in slip-resistant rugs, installing handrails in the bathroom, installing a stair lifts or buying a wheelchair from a stair climbing wheelchair Los Angeles CA company can be vital tools to help prevent falls.

For elderly homeowners that live in a two-story home, the use of a chair lift can be the best solution in the prevention of falls on staircases. Many homeowners who have lived in their homes for many years want to continue to live in their two-story home as they age. This is often the case with a family homestead or a house that has given a family many wonderful memories.

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